Friday, February 10, 2017

Real Men Drink Tea!

Real Men Drink Tea!

I started drinking green tea out of laziness.  Seriously, who has the time to brew coffee?  Plus, all the added pressure of having to have sugar, non-spoiled milk, and a spoon handy.  Way too much pressure for me... well at least younger me.  While laziness brought me green tea, the taste and health benefits have made me a lifelong convert.

What makes green tea so good?  Green tea is created from unfermented Camelia sinesis leaves.  Those leaves possess a very high concentration of antioxidants.  Antioxidants help the body fight free radicals that have harmful effects the body's cells.  It is commonly accepted that radicals contribute to many heath problems.  Toxins from cigarette smoke, liquor, and a lot of other fun stuff contribute to the creation and acceleration of free radical growth.  Several laboratory studies have suggested that drinking green tea helps neutralize the effects of the free radicals.    

Sure most of that sounds fancy smancy but all it means is that green tea will help your body fight the negative effects from a wild Saturday night!

Results from many laboratory experiments theorize that drinking green tea can help prevent, or slow the advancement of, several types of cancers including: breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.  It has also shown to assist individuals battling other illnesses too.  Green tea has been shown to: help control blood sugar levels assisting people with diabetes, boost metabolism to help the body burn fat more efficiently leading to weight loss, lower the inflammation caused by arthritis, and many more.

Green tea typically has caffeine which can cause some users to experience negative side effects.  Common side effects include: insomnia, anxiety, irritability, upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea.  However, it is very easy to find naturally decaffeinated tea bags.

I'm drinking a mug of decaf green tea right now as I write this post.

Most of the time I drink my green tea plain but from time to time I get a little fancy and try one of these alternatives:

  • Add some honey - Some people think that the taste of plain green tea is a little bitter.  Honey is a nice natural sweetener that may help.
  • Add some whiskey - This is a personal favorite!  It creates a warm sake like effect.  A mug or three eliminates all daily stress!
  • Add fresh garlic - I do this when I begin to not feel well.  Not only does this help keep away colds it also keeps everyone else away!  I've even convinced my wife to try this a few time!
Let me know if you have any unique ways to drink green tea...
If.... or should I say when you try the green tea and whiskey let me know what you think!

Green tea is a great drink that offers many possible health effects.  Grab a mug and give it a shot!