About this Blog

In life, I’m constantly balancing competing priorities.  With this blog I’m going to discuss those priorities and whatever else is on my mind.   

As a young family man I have many competing priorities and each day offers only so many hours to meet my goals.  To be the person, father and husband I want to be I’m constantly trying to find ways to improve all aspects of my life.  I feel that success is a cumulative result of person’s life and to be successful a person needs to have balance.  Success in one aspect of life at the expense of other areas is not true success.  Unfortunately, each day only has so many hours and the more time I spend on one area the less time I have for the others.  The great dance of life!

Personal vs. Family vs. Career vs. Health & Fitness vs. Recreation vs. Finance

This blog will hi-light my thoughts as I balance those priorities.  I hope that you will follow along and enjoy my ride.  Feel free to provide any comments or suggestions!     

From Thought of the Jay!