Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CAUTION: Your Job May Be Killing You!

Day-in and day-out we sacrifice our time and energy punching the time clock trying to keep the suits happy. No matter how much work comes our way we find a way to plow through. Come in early? No problem. Stay late? No problem. Get this to me by yesterday! No problem. All we ask for is a paycheck every week or two to keep us coming back with little complaint.

Mo Money Mo Problems

While all of that hard work may get you into that corner office, it may also result in you being six feet under that office. The Annals of Internal Medicine recently released a study proclaiming that individuals working 11 hours a day have a 67% greater risk of developing heart disease when compared to those that only work 8 hours a day. You should slow down and take it easy. By shortening your work day you may prolong your life... or maybe not.

No One is Safe!

Even those that don’t put in the extra hours still are facing health risks everyday at work. No matter how many hours you put in each day you will still face germs. Coughing and sneezing coworkers are constantly littering the office with respiratory infections just waiting to happen. Infectious saliva and mucus are spewed across the complex with each uncovered cough and who knows what bodily fluid is being spread around by the coworker down the hall that you’ve seen leaving the bathroom several times without hand washing!

What to do: You could become the office freak who always wears a mask.... or follow these simple rules:

  • Wash your hands!
  • Avoid sharing personal items.
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze of cough (then wash your hands!)
  • If you feel sick.. STAY HOME!
  • If you see someone who appears sick, avoid them like they have the plague... because the just might!

In addition to germs, stress is another one of the main weapons your job may be using to kill you. Stress is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. Work related stress can be the result of many causes: work conditions, crazy boss, unrealistic personal expectations, home issues, etc.

What to do: Since drinking at work is probably discouraged by your employer try these simple tips:

  • Tell your boss “No” ~ It might sound crazy but it is very liberating!
  • Walk away from your desk. ~ Go out for lunch, grab a coffee or go to the bathroom just get away from your desk for a couple of minutes every hour or so. (If you go to the bathroom... wash your hands!)
  • Leave work at work! ~ Don't bring the stress home.  It can always wait till the morning!
  • Stay positive! 
  • Exercise ~ either before or after work a couple of times a week.
  • Read "Thought of the Jay!"

Be safe! Work is no place for the weak... it may be trying to killing you!

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